From the Snare of the Fowler

by Chew Through

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StickyPigtails Wish You Would has been stuck in my head for nine freaking months. You guys are fantastic. Favorite track: Wish You Would.
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Recorded by Jason Barnett at the Haus of Sauvage in March 2016. Mixed and Mastered by Pablo Cabrera at Precocious Studio.

Additional vocals on Wish You Would and Big Meadows by Courtney Boone.

Insturmentation on Song Three (Crossroads) composed with significant contributions from Taylor Reynolds and William Wissel III.


released May 2, 2016


AUGUST 12th, 2017 w/ CURSE WORDS (EP Release), BROGUES (ex morning glory from NY), BRICK TOP
@ Velvet Lounge, District of Columbia
Doors 7:30, $8

Past Shows:

MAY 20th, 2017 w/ Curse Words, The Alements
@ The Commune, District of Columbia

March 17th, 2017 w/ Curse Words, The Red Moon Preachers, Middle Kid
@ L'Webstra, District of Columbia

October 22nd, 2016 w/ Humble Fire, Canker Blossom
@ L'Webstra, District of Columbia

October 14th, 2016 w/ Lilac Daze (Album Release), Oklahoma Car Crash, Bested
@East Street Arts Center, Frederick MD



all rights reserved


Chew Through Washington, D.C.

Equal parts DMV. Particularly audible during full moons, neighbors describe it as a foxhunt yip mixed up with a sort of banshee squall.

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Track Name: Wish You Would
You better start seizing the moment
Cause life is slowly slipping thru your lips
Why do we wait till things fall apart
To start following our hearts
And how many times must you say
"I work a dead end job I hate"
Before the pain behind that notion of love lost starts sinking in

It's like you're always running on empty
Feeling tired but can't sleep
Dragging yourself thru the motions of the everyday

So how about you get into your car
I wish you would now
Take some roads that lead into the dark
I wish you would now
Spend some time out here in the country baby get away!
Sit on rocks and stare up at the stars
I wish you would now
Howlin' at moon until it starts
I wish you would now
To feel like everything is alright now yeah I wish you would
Yeah I wish you would
Yeah I wish you would!

And do just as no good girl should
No more burning up the midnight oil
Cause oh don't you know
Ya gotta take some time for yoo-hoo
And stop making yourself sick
Oh don't you give up

Oh baby get some rest
Track Name: Hair Down To Your Toes
My, my hair it gro-oh-ohs way to fucking slow
I'm reaching out for shoulders, doubled over crawling in my skin
And my feet they betray me, I'm a train wreck on display
But if isolated I feel these days might just slip right through my hands

Understand we're just talking numbers
And it's a relative thing when I say "doing better"
Those shadows on the watchtower shun the ones who scream save me
I feel so weak

Search and you'll find me

Here in this bed feigning indifference as I wait for the end
Rueing missed chances, holdin' hands forever scratching through my skin
And those soft brown eyes you knew before are now bloodshot and wild, fucking glow in the dark
My heart it's reeling, losing feeling a long sleep setting in

So come son won't you sit here
My voice it fails me, I can barley whisper
Those shadows on the watchtower have all taken their leave
Gave me up for dead
You're all I have left

So won't you pinch me if I stop breathing
My life's on repeat and feel fucking freezing
Oh Don't you let this be my end
Your mother's asking all these questions
But try as I might I have no answers for them
Can't you see I'm doing all I can?
To be upbeat instead of bitter
An example of how keep your shit together
Chin up as you accept the punishment

Some stars burn brighter than the sun
Light up the night and then they're gone
With heavy hearts we cry out why must you leave so soon
Lay them to rest in the craters of the moon

Feeing ripe with words but can't speak
So I sit quiet, listening
but all i hear is do do dodo doo

Guess I'll take some time for me now
Try to pick myself up somehow
Got stuck in the eye oh won't you pull me through
Track Name: Song Three (Crossroads)
Step back from the bonfire baby
With them strap shoes on your feet
Why don't we sit and talk on the rooftop
Stare up at the stars maybe smoke some weed
Empties they strewn the backyard
They glisten in the glow of a midwest moon
But I can hear them song birds calling out
"Hey kids the mornin', it's comin' soon!"

Oh no the lines we toe are gettin' farther from my reach
But I'll go on like nothing's wrong if you swear you'll never leave

Storm clouds rolling in I'm hangin' on the front porch with my friends
Toasting to a long life hoping that these good times never end

But I can see we're all tossin seeds in the hopes one will take hold
Far away from the reach of these dead-end that streets we found here at the crossroads

Please god feet don't fail me
Let my back be strong, hands steady
Fix my gaze and set off thru the cold
If I don't lose my way on these roads
Send you a letter from my new home

Listen to that wind it's howling
U-ah-uuuuuu u u
Calling out your name
Telling you to make a change yeah
But don't forget the sun it shines down
U-ah-uuuuuu u u
On hearts in need of sights unseen
Born in the corners of our wildest dreams so
Steady as you go
Take the reins honey grab hold
And leap with me into mystery
Yeah we'll lap it up as it unfolds...
Track Name: Big Meadows
Silhouettes dancing around me
As I sit here in the night air trying
To look out through these tired eyes
At pages of endless black and white
Cause I must wait until the moonlight it's
Shinning bright over this house we live in
To feast upon the glow of your skin
And suck the life the flows from your lips dry
Then say goodnight

But most nights I'm awaken
By some bad dream in a cold sweat seethin'
I roll over and kiss your cheek and then
Toss and turn 'til I fall back asleep
And when I awake in the morning
Song birds call out through this hazy pale blue
I do my best not to disturb you
Gather up my things exit the room
Whisper I love you

Mountain air
Big meadows
Milkweed floats then lands on our clothes
Let's disappear into the fall leaves
And stake our claim here in this country
They say this land was made for lovers
And if that stands I'd choose no other
The autumn sun shinning on your cheeks
An image I'll always carry with me

And through the day
I find all these little things that remain
Of which your love they remind me
Like a piece of hair still sticking to my jeans
Or the fragrance of your scent on my sleeve