Hair Down To Your Toes

from by Chew Through

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My, my hair it gro-oh-ohs way to fucking slow
I'm reaching out for shoulders, doubled over crawling in my skin
And my feet they betray me, I'm a train wreck on display
But if isolated I feel these days might just slip right through my hands

Understand we're just talking numbers
And it's a relative thing when I say "doing better"
Those shadows on the watchtower shun the ones who scream save me
I feel so weak

Search and you'll find me

Here in this bed feigning indifference as I wait for the end
Rueing missed chances, holdin' hands forever scratching through my skin
And those soft brown eyes you knew before are now bloodshot and wild, fucking glow in the dark
My heart it's reeling, losing feeling a long sleep setting in

So come son won't you sit here
My voice it fails me, I can barley whisper
Those shadows on the watchtower have all taken their leave
Gave me up for dead
You're all I have left

So won't you pinch me if I stop breathing
My life's on repeat and feel fucking freezing
Oh Don't you let this be my end
Your mother's asking all these questions
But try as I might I have no answers for them
Can't you see I'm doing all I can?
To be upbeat instead of bitter
An example of how keep your shit together
Chin up as you accept the punishment

Some stars burn brighter than the sun
Light up the night and then they're gone
With heavy hearts we cry out why must you leave so soon
Lay them to rest in the craters of the moon

Feeing ripe with words but can't speak
So I sit quiet, listening
but all i hear is do do dodo doo

Guess I'll take some time for me now
Try to pick myself up somehow
Got stuck in the eye oh won't you pull me through


from From the Snare of the Fowler, released May 2, 2016



all rights reserved


Chew Through Washington, D.C.

Equal parts DMV. Particularly audible during full moons, neighbors describe it as a foxhunt yip mixed up with a sort of banshee squall.

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